These Thin Legs Give Me the Mozzies

My twins were walking with me to their little daycare centre which is just around the corner. One daughter stopped. "Wait" she cried, scratching her legs furiously "my pants are giving me Mozzies*!".  I think what she meant was that her legs were itchy as a result of the cold weather, dry skin and jeans that were getting a little snug.

And talking of snug jeans, have you heard? Skinny jeans are back.  When I heard this, I realised that I'm definitely part of the older generation.  Because I have already lived through skinny jeans once. And it's not happening on this bod again.

The name is a give-away. Skinny jeans are for skinny people. With skinny legs.  And even when I was very, very thin, they were still very, very uncomfortable. They ride up and down you, like elevators.  They also stick in places where... ahem...jeans do not belong.

So today I had to take my daughter shopping for some new pants and I saw that it's as much of a catastrophe as I suspected. Not a regular bootleg to be found. What I hadn't anticipated though was a totally new-but-related phenomenon called Jeggings.  No, I haven't misspelt.  This is what they are called.  Basically they are leggings designed to look like skin-tight skinny jeans.  More comfortable, but still with the ...ahem... business to worry about, I guess.

Have you see the Facebook and My space sites about larger women and leggings?  More than a bit mean don't you think. I say these people have waaayy too much time on their hands and need to get a life apart from watching people's backsides. Go look at the site definatelie for a rebuttal (hahaha I kill myself sometimes). Also A Conservative Liberal makes some interesting comments. In this era of deadly eating disorders and soaring rates of depression, I say wear what you like sister. Just let it make you happy and not give you mozzies.

So, Global Fashion Moguls?  Your marketing ain't making me pincer my bum again. I'm not going to wear skinny jeans.  I like to think I've earned this eccentricity.

And my daughters?  As we tried on all the jeans, the oldest one summed the situation up.
"Mummy, these pants are sticking on my legs.  I think the shop better make some new ones".

Touché  darling.


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