With theTenacity of a Two Year Old

As my grandson whines in various pitches, coughs, rubs his eyes, yawns, tugs at his ears and wipes his tears, I wonder how long the theatrics will continue. With no valuable words in his vocabulary to assist in our communication at this point, I start going through my mental checklist of possible problems. He'd already eaten, the sippy cup was recently emptied and he'd watched both Bubble Guppies on my laptop and Dora and Diego on television. Weird weather lately has everyone with either a runny or a stuffy nose but, even with that, he doesn't have a fever. My original guess and the fact that he is now playing confirms he simply does not want to go to sleep.

I laugh.

While I wouldn't admit it at the time, I've had similar tantrums when things didn't go my way. I'm proud to say that my  tantrums look slightly different from that of a two-year old's but it's a tantrum just the same. Yes I've called people to tell them how unfair life is, prayed for a different outcome, moped around and pouted when I didn't get the guy, the opportunity or whatever shiny new toy I felt I deserved. Seldom, if ever, did the situation change.

When dealing with what I want versus what's best for me, I think of my Heavenly Father like I would my earthly father. Having a child of my own, I understand that 'No' is most often the best answer even without proof. My daughter simply had to trust that I knew what was best for her. Whether she liked it or not. But having been on both the side of a daughter and a parent, I still can't say 'No' ever feels good.

Looking at this two-year old that is now playing with a toy on the bed and flashing me a sheepish grin every time I look his way, I imagine the amount of patience required of my Heavenly Father. So while I understand how every fiber of this two-year old's being doesn't agree with me, the answer is still 'Go to sleep'  but with the patience of a Father that seems to have infinite patience with me.

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