HA!!!! I knew it, not ten minutes in and I'm already screwing up!! I totally posted before I was ready, managed to erase half my name and this is the third attempt at this blog post because somehow I keep erasing it!!! Tech savy this girl is nooooooot. Baby steps Jess, sheesh.

      Ok now where was I in this self bio, where I out all my amazing moments where I truly deserve the " Oh Jess you are a special one" type comments! Oh yes that's right, my amazing one upper boyfriend. Well enough about him, I'm sure you will all get to know him well because I can see our competitive moments ending up right here!! Heck, he honestly thinks he will be taking a bigger turkey than me this season!!!....hhhmmmpphhhh good luck there buddy!!

       Now seriosly enough about that ;) when I'm not messing up on the computer I am a fulltime mom, I work for a landscape engineering company specializing in environmental restoration, i.e, creating bird habitats, fish sanctuaries, etc. long story short I drive tonka trucks and I play in dirt all day!! Yay me!! I put my big girl britches on and away I go! In addition to being a mom, work, home life, family, our obsession has taken our love for the outdoors in a new diection. Jeremy and I are.........oh yes folks meet Jeremy, the amazing, yet truly my one upping best friend, future husband to? ;) ok ok ok yes back to it, we are a part of a new wonderful youth mentoring program dedicated to getting our youth outdoors and into the field, whether it be hunting, fishing, shooting clays, basic firearm safety, outdoor survival,etc. It really has changed our lives in such a short period of time!

      There is so much to say and share but right now I have two very crazy, young labs who need some serious mom mom mom mooooooooooooom can we play huh huh, I put the ball in your the rope toy on your foot, now the stuffed duck, ok fine now dads slipper....BOOOOOOM HOW YA LIKE THAT MOM? sassy hunter @ Kids,Ducks,Buck, & More


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