They Call Him CyberCoder

It was a BIG problem. My web site, that is. In 2010, to achieve my signature colors and designs, WordPress did not have the latitude to give me what I wanted. I hired a web designer who used Cold Fusion, an older, but more flexible, programming language.

Fast forward to BlogHer '12 in New York City. I learned I needed to update and switch over to the now capable WordPress with all of its bells and whistles. So simple! Until I started trying to find a programmer who could translate Cold Fusion into Word Press. Asking the question of everyone I met, the answer was *cricket* *cricket,* so no WordPress for me.

With Texas size problems, head to Texas for answers.


I started searching on the Internet when I got home and finally realized, "When you have a problem as big as the State of Texas, go to Texas to find the answer." How could I say, "No," to a state whose State Flower is the BlueBonnet? That's where I found CyberCoder, otherwise known as David Cooley, who hangs his cowboy hat at David's an Internet folk hero, in fact, here's an old poem and wanted poster I found:

They Call Him CyberCoder

Down in Texas where the tumbleweeds blow,
There's a man with a plan, he's in the know.
Loves computers! David Cooley by name,
Known everywhere for his fine WordPress game.
They call him CyberCoder.

Past fields of BlueBonnets, by the Rio Grande,
His six gun's a mouse, the web is his brand.
Wrasslin' pixels, herding HTML,
His keyboard's on fire, he's got stories to tell.
He's known as CyberCoder.

So, as the sun sets, each night in the west,
Need help with your site? Then, do what is best.
Ride with the Cooley Gang at CyberRanch.
Lasso a web plan, you'll soon do a dance,
Working with CyberCoder.

You'll love working with David. He's very patient with questions and perseveres until he translates your dream into a cyberspace domain. He's made a few YouTube videos and so, you can get a feel for working with him by watching below:

Don't you feel calm listening to CyberCoder?


I think that David should make more YouTube videos and have WordPress classes. I know I would sign up. If you agree, let's show him who's boss! Tweet David at @cybercoder to show him you're interested. I say let's gang up on him.

David "Up in the Country" with Withrow Cooley.


Don't despair if you have hairy web problems making you wish you'd never bought a computer. Write CyberCoder. Discuss your concerns for help and resolution. After working with CyberCoder since last August, I can highly recommend him.

He's the reason is on WordPress with all the buttons to send my posts far and wide. Thank you, David Cooley!


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