Caleb's Crossing is an Emotional Roller Coaster

BlogHer Review

I was a bit intimated when I saw the words “winner of the Pulitzer Prize” at the top Geraldine Brooks' book Caleb's Crossing. Typically I shy away from authors that I feel might intimidate me, but in this case I am thrilled that I took a chance and read this novel.

Ms. Brooks’ ability to paint incredible pictures with her words made this book one I couldn’t put down.

The story is set in what is now known as Martha’s Vineyard, in 1665. The author eloquently tells the story of a young girl named Bethia who befriends an indigenous inhabitant of the island named Caleb.

We take the journey with these young people as they make their way through adolescent friendship, tragedy, heartbreak, and finally triumph.

The author not only takes us on this emotional roller coaster, she does it with finesse and incredible talent. As you read the story she makes you feel as if you are a figure hidden in the shadows, watching this story unfold before you. You can feel the sand beneath your feet as Bethia runs across the dunes. You can smell the ocean, and feel its gentle breeze as it blows across the bay. And your heart breaks right along with her as she faces life’s harsh realities.

This is a historical novel, but one that has plopped you right beside Bethia and Caleb. And your heart will smile right along with them as they find their way through their challenging and painful journey.