When They Literally Grow So Fast That You Can See It

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[Editor's Note: Every parent has said the line: "They grow so fast!" For Angie at Home Grown, that's totally the case. Her son has grown 1.5 inches in 2 weeks! Holy growth spurt, Batman! I smiled as she wondered how she'll feed him as a teenager. I wonder that myself, some days! -Jenna]

They Grow So Fast:

Growth SpurtSome mornings I look at Steven and think, “Gosh, he is so much bigger this morning than I remember from yesterday.” I even say it repeatedly to Steve. How he has grown over night. How I can see it.

The first clue is that he eats all day long. Literally. Every two hours (the same as his breastfeeding schedule as an infant which explains a lot!) he is asking for something to eat. Something. Anything -and not junk or cookies or candy. He wants real food. Yogurt cups, apples, bananas, sandwiches, chunks of cheese, slices of pepperoni, glasses of milk, sometimes he might want a cookies n’ cream candy bar, sometimes he might ask for an ice cream sandwich but those are rare occasions. He likes meat.

Read on to see the photographic proof of this latest growth spurt.

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