They Keep On Growing

One thing about parenting that I was not prepared for and in truth, never really thought about, is how quickly kids grow.  I am not referring to growing in years, learning to walk, talk, read, write (all of these also happen fast), but I am referring to physical growth. The rate at which my children out grow pants, sweaters and shoes amazes me. Two of the most common things I hear from other parents when they find out that I have three boys is:

  1. 1. “Oh! You must be so tired.”
  2. 2. “At least you can use the same clothes from child to child, and you won’t have to buy too much stuff.”

Well, I am here to tell parents with multiple kids that the second statement is not always true. There are some things that I have been able to successfully pass on from my eldest down to my youngest and those things consist of books, toys, and some infant clothing. Everything else hasn’t quite made it that far.

Most of my eldest son’s pants that have been passed to my middle son, inevitably have holes in the knees after two wears. I sometimes think about putting in patches till I realized the other day that most of the pants we have already have an extra reinforcement of material at the knee (that’s right people – retailers are aware that kids can really wear clothing out). But even with the reinforcement a hole appears within days of my middle son wearing them. Granted my middle son is quite active and I am sure that rolling around and wrestling on the floor with his brother isn’t helping. Another thing with my older boys is that they are physically very different. The eldest is a little more “meaty” as my husband likes to say while our middle child is all skin and bones. He eats well, but he burns off food in a matter of seconds with all the energy he has. So passing pants from the eldest to the middle child is often a problem as the waist sizes just don’t work out. Fortunately, my youngest seems to have the same build as his oldest brother and may be able to inherit some pants; but again, I’m sure the holes will appear quickly. And for shoes, well, it’s a similar story. My oldest has wide feet and the middle son doesn’t. We also recently found out that our middle son’s feet are overpronated and he needs orthopaedic shoes that give him proper support. So, shoes can definitely not be passed on.

Needless to say I am finding that our youngest child is getting almost as many new items as the eldest did. Just last night my 18-month old came up to me, lifted up his toe and said, “hool, mama”. Yup! There was a big hole in the toe of his sleeper…time to go shopping!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is one item that you were able to successfully pass on from child to child? Anything that you kept in a memory box?


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