They Loved You Tonight, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin,
you delivered the speech that they wrote for you in fine form, pointing
your finger time and again just like Hillary used to, but I bet that
the media won't call you on that pointing finger. After all, you are a
soccer mom and as you said, the only difference between a soccer mom
and a pit bull is lipstick. That did it for me.

You went on with gusto and confidence skewering Barak Obama
for having written two memoirs, but not one piece of legislation and
for having absolutely no executive experience. What IS a community
organizer, you asked rhetorically? Palin pitched John McCain's heroic credentials time and time again until I almost believed her. Sarah Palin will make a terrific campaigner. The audience was in rapture (no pun intended here).
were points to be made about dependence on foreign oil, on Iran and
Russia. Sarah Palen made them superficially, but well enough to bring
smiles to the delegates faces. They just kept nodding and whispering to
one another with big grins, "She doing well. She's doing just fine."
the end of her speech, I could see her marching off to visit with,
heaven forbid, Putin or the Chinese with a carefully prepared script in
Sarah Palin came out on that stage ready for anything and she delivers the withering jokes written for her about Obama with aplomb. Her facial expressions as she speaks of Obama mirror those of the pundits when they spoke about Hillary months ago.
was sad to see this upstart woman on the stage, galvanizing her party
and doing a fine job of it. Where was Hillary when we desperately need
her? Hillary Rodham
Clinton would have been a formidable candidate and she would have won
this election barring excessive cheating in states like Florida and
Obama, Obama,
why didn't you wait and season yourself with legislation, winning
causes and committee memberships that matter? But you didn't wait and
your young followers thought that great change was just sitting there
on the horizon waiting for all. Well, they 'd all better get geared up
in order to turn out a spectacular vote in November. And I want to hear
none of this talk about Obama
departing from his unique message of hope and change for a more
pragmatic campaign. What did you expect? Don't you want him to win?
Hillary wasn't your woman. Well, you've got another woman who admires
pit bulls, so I'd say all hands on deck from now until election night.
Yes, Sarah Palin
was scary tonight because she was pretty cocky and her delivery is
great. With good Rovian material, she can work a large crowd. I am sure
that she'll always be given good material every single day.
So am I worried? Sure.
worried about the Supreme Court, Roe vs Wade, tax cuts made permanent,
oil drilling in the last clear open space on the continent, creationism
as a valid subject in science classes and perhaps even book banning or
burning if Sarah Palin has the time to get into that sort of thing. And
I am definitely worried about keeping the 'war on terror' as the hot
button that generates fear and compliance. As was said this evening by
Major Giuliani, "Wouldn't you rather be safe than read a terrorist his
rights?" It's those simple, out of the ball park sound bites that lodge
in folk's minds more or less forever after, or at least until after
they've cast their vote.
Housing crisis, lack of jobs, lack of health insurance, endless war? Then John McCain, war hero, says Sarah Palin,
is definitely your man. It's going to be a mean, long and ugly autumn.
Will the Democrats play hard ball? Will their supporters, expecting
'change', let Obama and Biden do their jobs? I'd say it's all up for


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