The Thing About Parenting Is


We all do it differently, but have the same goal.
Our other relationships & even our selves will take a backseat
We all want to be the best parents that we can be.
We will have days that we feel like super-mom or dad & there will be days that we feel as if we are failures.
It can be frustrating, exhausting & rewarding all in a matter of just moments
You will judge other parents even if you don't mean too. (Admit it, you do)
You always worry.
You will make mistakes.
Nobody warns you just how hard it is or maybe you just weren't listening.
Time goes by quicker than it did before you had children.
You will accidentally injure your child at some point.
It is full of surprises.
You will get pooped on or peed on.
You will have disagreements with your spouse on how to raise your children.
You always want to talk about your kids, even if no one wants to listen.
You will not always have all the answers.
It makes you appreciate your parents more.
You see bits of yourself in your children & it is not always good thing.
You can hardly remember what life was like before you had kids.
It makes you redefine your ideas of a clean house.
You waste a lot of food.
You will always love your children, but you might not always like them.
You understand unconditional love.
It is a full time job, but the best career choice you will ever make.
It is beautiful!

What is parenting to you?

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