The things that happen to you...

People always ask "why me Lord?" YOU know why.... God doesn't punish us, he allows things to happen.... Think about it..... Ok! God allows things to happen, because it is our wish. We either say yes or no.... Plain and simple. It is our actions that allow things to happen!.... I never understood what this meant when my Mother spoke of it till tonight. We make our own decisions; because we are FREE! Not in the sence of freedom here in the U.S., but we ARE free to make moral, ethical, and just being nice decisions. That not only leads us us to great things. The worst, right where YOU CHOSE TO BE!!!!  I lo ve anyone who reads this blog. You read it right? So start doing nice things to people! My favorite example is when " you know the old person is gonna take his sweet ass time walking in behind you but you wait; even though your in a hurry. Is the five extra seconds gonna kill ya??? Prabably not, but awkward standing there.... LOL.... It's five extra seconds!!!! And YOU prabably made his whole freaking day!!! Your five seconds, against his 24.... Just hold the damn door, because age is sneaking up on you, and that could be you in 30!!! Special thanks to B...........  She said she misses me :)P

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