Things I like About Me

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a tweet from one of my favorite bloggers, The Empress, about a post she had written about accepting ourselves despite our imperfections. There was something about her message, not a particularly new message…but an extremely important one, that for some reason, resonated with me in that moment and on that day. Maybe it was that I have been so focused on Reclaiming Me, and this was such a perfect compliment to that, maybe it was just my mood. Whatever it was, I could not let it go.  The more and and more I thought about it, the more I realized that I do a pretty bang up job on thinking about the things I perceive as negatives about myself and a pretty poor job thinking about my positives.  You might go so far as to say that I cannot remember listing things about myself that I liked. Maybe I have never done it. Which really, is sad.

Fast forward to today. Today is all about celebrating who we are and what we like about ourselves. It is about sending a message to ourselves, to society, and even to our children, that finding the positives in yourself is an important and essential endeavor.  Maybe just maybe, thinking about what we like instead of what we would want to change, will increase our self confidence. Maybe it will help us see things that we have not noticed before. And maybe it will send the message that we are ENOUGH just the way we are.

I heard from not just a few people saying that they thought this was going to be challenging to do. Which is EXACTLY why we are doing it. We do not do it enough. We rarely toot our horns. But honestly, how can other people see the awesomeness in us if we cannot see it ourselves?  I have always noticed that when I am feeling better about my physical self, I stand taller and carry myself with more confidence. Maybe our lists can help us remember believe. To believe in ourselves.

So…without further adieu….my list of Things I Like About Me:


  • I like my hair.  It is spunky. The red color makes me feel strong and alive.
  • I like my legs. They are the first things to get toned when I workout consistently, and I have rock star calves when wearing heels.
  • I like my glasses. They are edgy and modern, and give me a “teacher with an attitude look.”
  • I like my laugh. It is a bit loud, a bit in your face…but it is real.  And I love to laugh.
  • I like my ability to laugh at myself.  There are things I feel silly doing but enjoy anyway (like dancing) mainly because they make me laugh.
  • I like the birth mark on the inside of my right thigh.  There is just something about it.
  • I like the scar just above my chest from where I had a “port” put in to make IV’s easier during chemo.  Despite the “being easier” billing, it was still a stinker every time I sat in the chemo chairs.  It reminded me of me.  Not necessarily taking the easy route on things, but being there for the long haul.
  • I like my voice.  I can change it depending on the situation. In the classroom, it is calming and positive. Other times, it can be be strong and powerful. When I am hoarse from allergies, it is maybe even just a tad sexy. :)
  • I like my drive and resiliency. When I decide to do something…it will happen, come hell or high water.  There may be down moments, but once I have allowed myself to “feel,” the momentum kicks in, and it is all me, guns blazing.
  • I like my ability to see the big picture. Whether it is at work or at home, I tend to be the big picture gal.
  • I like my ability to find the silver lining.  Sometimes it may take me a few days, or a few months, or even a few years, but eventually I find it.
  • I like my ability to brainstorm and to run with an idea.  (see #9)  I am a bit like a machine when I get rolling.  Some of my ideas are junk, but out of the junk comes at least one or two sparkly keepers that are pure gold.
  • I like my ability or tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. I am an open book and I don’t hide how I am feeling about anything.  I will tell you how it is, without any sugar coating.

Phew, that was hard. Which is why we are doing this.  :)   In all honesty, I could feel myself standing just a bit taller as I wrote it all down.  Feeling taller means feeling more confident. And truly, we are not talking just an ounce of added self confidence….we are talking pounds.  And these are pounds that I am willing to lug around any day of the week.



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