Things I Am Loving Right Now

This is not a paid post. I use and love all of these things:

1. GreenPanTM. I can't remember where I first heard about GreenPanTM. I do know I was told they can only be found on HSN, but I hate to pay full price for anything, so I went to eBay. I bought the 6 piece set pictured at left for about half of what they were going for on HSN.

GreenPanTM contains ThermolonTM technology.
The nonstick coating does not contain any Polytetrafluoroethylene
(PTFE), nor is it manufactured with Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). It
was developed to be the last cookware you'll have to buy and it won't
break down or wear over time.

I can tell you that the set is beautiful and looks much sturdier and
permanent than any other nonstick cookware I have purchased. I made
scrambled eggs (with bacon and cheese) in the small fry pan - with NO
butter or oil - and the pan performed beautifully. Cleanup was just a
quick swipe with a paper towel.

One of the great things about the pans (besides no nasty chemicals
leaching into your food) is the metal handles - these are oven safe (up
to 400 degrees, I think, but check with the manufacturer instructions).
All of my other nonstick cookware has plastic handles!

They are so awesome, I just bought another set. This one includes a
5 qt dutch oven and a saucepan. I'm pretty jazzed about using those.

Orange Guard Pest Control Spray. We live in the sticks in Florida, so
there are bugs bugs everywhere. Particularly ants. We tried a brand
name spray that was clear and supposed to odorless, but it made us both

I heard about this while I was up late one night in a
hotel room in either Orlando or Daytona Beach.  It was advertised to be
safe for humans and pets.  You can use it around food and in areas
where food is prepared.  AND it doesn't smell bad.

I checked the website
and found that it was only sold at a few boutique garden centers.  I
hit them all and didn't find it.  I gave up for a few weeks and then
checked the site again and found out they carry it at Ace Hardware.  It's a bit pricier than other sprays ($9.99 a bottle where I purchased it) but it does what it claims to do.

smell is great, it works really well, and no one coughs or complains
about it.  My only complaint about it is that it is sticky.  The
directions say to spray the area and then wipe up the excess after a
few minutes, which I don't always (ok maybe never) do.  So I end up
with dead bugs stuck to the floor and walls.  But in the end?  It's
pretty great.  Works and smells like I cleaned!

3.  Yo-Plus Yogurt.  I used to eat Activia, and the only reason I tried Yo-Plus is because I had $1.00 off coupons and a rebate form
(so I'll be making money on this deal).  The reason I keep eating it is
because it tastes terrific and fills me up until lunchtime.  The
pomegranate-blackberry is my favorite.

It sells for $1.98 at the
Wal-Mart here, so with the coupon it's 98 cents for some super yummy
yogurt.  And all that digestive stuff I suppose is good for you?

That's all for this edition.  See you next time!

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