Things I Might Do If I Had Time

Happy New Year!  Another year has come and gone, and we get to start fresh again.  Not sure why I always feel so ambitious each January.  Must be all the holiday hype, with talk of resolutions and starting fresh and making a list of things to accomplish. 

Each year I resolve to actually do something to better myself.  Each year the list includes eating better and more gym time. Each year I say that by June I’ll have an amazing bikini body with abs of steel.

This time of year my home-improvement mindset kicks in as well and I’m ready to tackle all of those projects that are on our to-do list.  Like replace the door knobs, circa 1973, with something a bit more updated.  Doesn’t seem that hard, huh?

Hubby’s in this too.  We usually start off well, making a list and checking it twice (still in the Christmas mood).  We’ll hit the gym, purge our fridge of bad-for-you food and even visit home-improvement stores. Architect Hubby will sketch up ideas for us.  Excitement sets in. We are really going to do this!

One thing leads to another or “life gets in the way”. Before you know it June is here.  And I look in the mirror and say “what happened”?  Depression sets in as I realize that, once again, I did not make good on my New Year’s resolutions.  No abs of steel or a body that’s even close to bikini-ready.  The door knobs?  LOL! We’ve had this on our list since we moved in – eleven years ago.

Why even bother with resolutions?  Obviously I can’t seem to make them stick.  Maybe it’s time to abandon resolutions in favor of something healthier, like “things I might do if I have time”.  

Things I Might Do If I Had Time:

  • Clean the closets, drawers, garage etc.  Fully purge, then organize until they shine.  We will never have stacks of stuff sitting around because we are so organized. Snort! I just laughed so hard that my coffee came out my nose.
  • Organize all of our photos, putting them in chronological order in albums.  This includes pulling photos off of the memory cards that have been thrown into my desk drawer.  (I will know where these are because of bullet number 1)
  • Stretch!  I used to be limber.  This is because I used to be a dancer.  There was a time where I could sit on the floor with my legs almost horizontal and lay forward, touching my nose to the floor.  Right now I can sit on the floor.  The only way my nose touches the floor is if I fall face first.
  • Cook healthy meals. OK, maybe I start with baby-steps and just learn to use the kitchen for more than making coffee. 
  • Act in a play.  Haven’t done this since junior high.  Not sure why humiliating myself in front of strangers sounds like fun, but it does.
  • Ride a bike.  This is intriguing because it means a shopping trip for bikes, helmets and the accessories.
  • Re-discover dancing.  I’ve always loved to dance; just don’t do it much. This would be a great alternative to the gym, which has become a bore to me. Actually, it’s always been boring but I know I need it, so I go anyway.
  • Reconnect with friends, even those seldom-seen out-of-town friends.  We probably need a vacation; they probably have a spare room.  Sounds like a plan to me.

I guess I should include a career goal on the list.  You know, something sensible like “find job”.  Tsk. I just hate it when my responsibility gene kicks in.  Better move that to the top of the list.  I also intend to laugh more. That’s a quick win, easily accomplished by simply looking at my list.

Lots of these things won’t get done.  I may take steps on a few of them, and if I do I’ll be happy, especially if it has to do with the career sector.  Out-of-town friends? While I miss you, I’m not much for lengthy car trips, so you can relax. 

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it.  At least until next week.

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