Things I Never Thought I Would Say to My Kids...

While I have never asked my children to go play in traffic, I have come pretty close.  
I remember when I was younger, I always thought I would be just like Donna Reed as a parent.  I watched The Donna Reed show on Nick at Night for years.  You see, my mom was totally not Donna Reed.  She was a single mother, a lobbyist, a socialite, and a little bit of a hippie.  I wanted Donna Reed to be my mom, or so I thought. Looking back now, Donna Reed would have driven me crazy.  First of all, I would have been thoroughly peeved if my mom would have helicoptered around me all of the time.  I would have hated it if my mom constantly showed up at school to chaperon dances so she could make sure that I kept my safe distance from boys.  Mostly, I am just appreciative of the fact that I learned to be independent and confident because she actually gave me responsibilities and room to grow on my own.
Now, I am all grown up, and I am no Donna Reed!  I do make breakfast for my family, pack lunches, do laundry, clean my house, check homework, cook dinner, and all of the things that I enjoy doing as a mother/wife, but sweet and kind all of the time, I am not.  Sometimes,  when my kids misbehave or drive me a little nuts I find myself saying things that would make Donna Reed blush for sure.   So here are some of the things that I can recall saying to my kids that I am not so proud of... read more... 

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