Things I said I Would Never Do As A Mother

I remember a time before my son that I have said, "Oh! I would NEVER do that with my child".


 Never say never!! 

As I sit back and think of SO many things that I said I would NEVER do, guess what! I ended up doing!! So you know what, never is not in my vocabulary anymore! I have spoke my never-ness into reality!

 When AJ made his appearance into this world. I had HIGH HOPES and REAL FANTASIES! I said to myself I would NEVER be like the other mothers that have their child act "crazy". Crazy is a lack of a better word, I guess uncontrollable would make sense? Uncontrollable to the point that some parents really have to look at their child and wonder if that is theirs. Uncontrollable to the point that you question your sanity. Did you do something wrong? Where did you go wrong?....

 Wait am I the only one? C'mon now, I can't be!

 I remember saying, TV will not be my son's babysitter. 

 Guess what!?....It is!

 Well let me break it all down before I have the "holier than thou" mothers Salem witch me.

 My son has a favorite DVD in which he loves to watch, and I mean he can watch it ALL day! (Which I do not let him). When I have things to do around the house, guess what I do? I pop that sucker in and plop him right in front of the television. You want to know why? Because I can do what needs to be done faster and more efficient without my son by my side making a mess after every clean up that I do. Yes! a 20 minute chore now becomes 10! Oh and another reason why the TV is babysitting is because can actually get some peace and quiet for myself! Yes ma'am, even if it means the same DVD is on a never ending loop. I'll take it! And they say TV is a bad thing!

 I would never let my son co sleep with me.

 HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

 Never have I ever thought that one through! It started by accident but until this day my son who is 1 1/2 year old still sleeps in the same bed with me. And you want to know what? He takes up 3/4's of the bed and (total sarcasm going forward) I wouldn't want it any other way! I love waking up next to my baby! Uh huh! I love waking up to the very edge of the bed with my leg dangling down and a neck ache! Mmm hmmph, sleeping comfortably was gone out the window when I became pregnant, so whats sleeping on the edge of the bed?

 No pacifiers!

 Sigh, this one I wish I could of helped from the start but when AJ was born that was the one thing he quickly made acquaintance with and became best friends with. He was preemie and was on a feeding tube for 2 weeks. The pacifier was to help him with his sucking reflex. He had a hard time figuring things out. He caught on to the bottle but never latched on to the breasts. What baby does not like boobies!? Mine doesn't! (Maybe they weren't big enough for him?) Hmm...I don't know. I guess he's not a boob kind of guy. Shrugs.

 My child will never behave like that in public!

Yeah! Okay! I seriously lied to myself on that one! Biggest misconception of them all. My son (shaking my head) is simply, just something else. I seriously do not know what to do with him at times. He's like his own little boss and I am just here to make sure all goes well and he gets what he wants. Which in most cases he doesn't so hence the show he puts on in public. Quite embarrassing I tell you. He throws his head back, runs around in a circle, and throws himself to the ground all while crying. What the #*%!? Is that my child?

 Boy! If you don't pick yourself up and stop making a fool out of you and I, that would be great!

 ....The "joys" of motherhood...

 No junk food!

Junk food is a little different to me only because I do not eat out regularly or eat fast food much at all. My junk food would be little snacks, such as his Gerber cheese puffs, Ritz crackers, whatever I pull out of the pantry at a moments notice, something to munch on between meals. I always wanted to be that mother that made sure his food is always prepared. Which in many cases it is. Some days mommy is running behind schedule and whatever I can open and give to him while I make dinner is what he shall eat. Kinda suppresses his appetite but oh well. He's got something in his tummy.

 Pre-chew or eat from his plate.

Lol at myself! I remember I would give my mother the most disgusted face when she would feed my little brother after she either ate from his plate or pre-chewed his food. Yuck! I thought. Now 17 years later, I am doing the same thing. They always say no matter how hard you try you somehow become your parent one day or another.

 Because I said so!

Ha! Look who's talking now! I used to hate when my mother would finish our questions with "because I said so". That saying literally fell out of my mouth the other day when AJ was being "that guy" even though he doesn't talk much I understood him very clearly and when all was said and done. My final statement was "because I said so". Argument done. I do not want to hear anymore. Carry on.

 Some would say I am a bad mother.

Oh well, I guess I will take that with stride!

 I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other things I have left out and I am pretty sure there are plenty of things you would like to add (and by all means, please add them, don't make me feel like I am the only one).


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