The Things I Want to Say About the Bullying of My Daughter

I want to say the bullying my daughter has suffered this school year has stopped.

I don't like to lie.

I want to say that it has lightened up.

I can't even say that.

I want to say that the bully got the message, and she's backing off.

The truth is, just the opposite it true.  It has escalated.  It's bordering on stalking now.

And she gets it from her mother, as she thinks it's a good idea to bully me too for going to the school.

I have met with the school twice.  The girls' dad took a day off, drove two hours to meet with the principal.  He has made phone calls to the school every single day this week.

And yet, we see no progress, no change, nothing.

And now, the bully walks by our house, across our yard, feet from our front door, every morning. Something she never did before.  Something the school specifically told her not to do. On more than one occasion.  If I say anything to her, I am no better than her and her mother.

I want nothing more than to stand on my front porch every morning and tell her "There is zero reason for you to be on our street, in my yard, on my sidewalk.  GO AWAY!"  I want to scream "LEAVE MY DAUGHTERS ALONE!"

And I HATE with a blinding hot fury that a 12-year-old has this much power in my life and my hands are tied.

We are two weeks from the last day of school.  Then it's summer vacation with all the kids, including the bully, home all day and she knows she'll be free from the school interference.  She will have no adult supervision, so she will be free to terrorize the entire neighborhood. Specifically my daughter.

And my hands are tied.

And I'm pissed. Furious.

Is there nothing I can do to make this go away? 

Won't somebody please help?

Becky (Ms Batman)

Welcome to My Life


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