Things I'm Loving Thursday

What a busy week I am having--oh my. Exhausting and that I do not apreesh! But I think I can find a little time to talk about the things I'm loving this week, even if the week itself is not getting too much love from me (and it's sure as hell not loving me either).

Pregnant in Heels: I just started watching this show (yeah, like I needed another reality show to watch) and I'm really liking it. Rosie Pope is a maternity concierge in New York City, assisting her pregnant clients with everything from fears about childbirth to helping a bratty big sister prepare for a new baby in the family. Some of their requests are absolutely crazy, but Rosie always seems to find some sort of solution, which is amazing considering that she herself was pregnant in this past season. I also like that the show models some good parenting techniques in a world where irresponsible parenting is all too often the focus and draw of many reality shows. Great show, though I startied tuning in at an inopportune time, as the season just ended. Oh well, if our Comcast ever gets fixed I will catch up OnDemand.


"Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men: I am loving this tune! Chill, yet very catchy. Definitely one of my new faves!

Painter Tee from J.Crew: The new J.Crew catalog came in the mail the other day and I have been drooling over it ever since. I love this tee! And while J.Crew is horribly over-priced, at $45 even peasants like me can afford this tee. The solid version is $38. Still pricey for a long-sleeved tee, but not impossible. Though I think I will wait for a sale.

Janey Patent Flats from J.Crew: Again, obsessed with J. Crew this time around! I love flats and the gold heel on these is too cute. These come in a variety of colors and prints and I think they are so amazing. But sigh, at id="mce_marker"78 they can never be mine. Not for the peasants I am afraid. Oh, I do hope Target creates some acceptable knock-offs.

-Miss Mare


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