Things I've Stepped on Since I've Had Kids


That was a new one.

I looked down at my feet and the object upon which I’d just stepped. It was a plastic cup. And not a drinking cup, but a protective cup from my ten-year-old’s baseball shorts. Now how did THAT get on the living room floor?

It could be the strangest thing I’d ever stepped on. But then again, since I’ve had kids, I’ve stepped on things I didn’t even know existed before! Here’s a quick list of things I’ve stepped on:

  1. Protective Cup
  2. Sippy cup
  3. Bouncy balls
  4. Legos
  5. Barbies
  6. Bakugans
  7. Beyblades
  8. Hot Wheels cars
  9. Magic Treehouse book
  10. My Little Ponies
  11. Bowling pin
  12. Assorted action figures
  13. Tiara
  14. Comb
  15. Rocks
  16. Sticks
  17. Pretzels
  18. Cheerios
  19. Goldfish
  20. DSi cartridges
  21. An old iPhone
  22. Hockey puck
  23. Hockey stick
  24. Pez dispenser
  25. Money

Now what about you? What things have your kids left on the floor that you’ve stepped on?



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