Things to Know About Disney's Sci Fi Dine in Resaurant

One of the restaurants we most often visit while in Hollywood Studios has got to be The Sci Fi Dine In!  I think it’s the fun atmosphere that keeps drawing us back in. Sometimes we make ADR’s ( Advanced Dining Reservations) for this place and other times we’ve been lucky enough to just go right in without a reservation.

The Sci Fi Dine In is themed after a 1950’s drive in movie. Before you enter, you must get the obligatory photo in the old fashion car!

When you enter the restaurant it is dark!  I will admit, I hate going to a restaurant that is so dimly lit that I can’t even see the food that I am about to eat, but knowing that the limited lighting is part of the theme here doesn’t bother me as much. 

As you walk into the dining area, you see a great big movie screen. You are then seated in one of those fancy old fashion cars.  This isn’t your traditional table seating arrangement (although they do have a few traditional tables available). 

 You will be seated two by two facing the movie screen.  So if you are a family of four, two people will be sitting in front of the car and two people will be sitting in the back of the car. I guess if you have more people in your party you will get a larger car or be split into multiple cars.

We felt the menu here is somewhat limited. Each time we’ve eaten here we’ve ordered some type of sandwich. ( the smoked turkey sandwich and the veggie burger were our most recent selections on our last visit) They were each very good and very plentiful! We’ve had the spinach and artichoke dip which is also yummy, as is their chocolate and cookie and cream milk shakes!  One of my personal favorites from the Sci Fi Dine In has been the Vegetarian Chili.  Unfortunately I didn’t see it on the menu during our last visit.  Maybe next time!
To view what is currently on the menu at the Sci Fi Dine in click HERE.
Although the food did not disappoint, I tend to think we choose this Disney restaurant more for the ambiance than the food itself.
What do you think of the Sci Fi Dine In?



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