Things that made my day today, and some that didn't


Mom Things

1.  Getting my baby girl's 6 month checkup and finding out I'm not crazy, she really does weigh a ton. 21 pounds 8 ounces yo!

2.  Going to Sweet Tomatoes and knowing that my son was going to eat a healthy meal without me having to make it.

3. Having a stranger tell me my kids are beautiful. Any mom likes to hear that.

4.  My girl finally pooped! Yeah I know poop is gross when you're not a mom, and it's sometimes gross when you are a mom, but when you wait ALL WEEK LONG for your baby to poop you get super excited when it finally happens.  And dang, it happened!

5. Breastfeeding Rian for the past 6 and a half months.  I grew her big and strong all by myself. 

6. Being a rebel mom and not filling the prescription for vitamins from Ri's pediatrician.  Why does she need vitamins? And that's a serious question, if any of you know please inform me. But in a kind way.)


Wife Things

1. Making monkey bread for my husband's work potluck.

2. Washing the dishes so Justin knows I actually did something domestic while he was at work.

3. Thinking about a good V-day gift for Justin. Any suggestions for a low budget, but still insanely awesome gift?


ME Things

1. I bought a black tee at Target for $10

2. I browsed blogs, updated statuses, and joined Pinterest all while holding a sleeping Rian.

3. I ate a spoonful of Nutella.

4. I ate a second spoonful of Nutella.

5. I did not eat a third spoonful of Nutella.

6. I bought a new toothbrush.



Mom Things

1. I had to hold Rian's chubby legs while she got her 3 shots at her check-up, and it made her cry :(

2. Having to clean up the blowout Rian had when she pooped.  It's like she saved up all of her poo for that one diaper.

3. Having to clean the baby spit up off of my phone. Ew, just ew.


Wife Things

1. Finding out my husband used my toothbrush last week and FORGOT to tell me until this morning. Hence, the new toothbrush. Yes, I know we kiss and share germs, but my toothbrush is different. It's off limits. It's sacred.

2. Arguing and getting mad at Justin before he went to work, for not realizing how precious my toothbrush is to me.


ME Things

1. Opening the microwave and seeing that my mom accidentally left a container of Coldstone ice cream inside of it, from when she got some last night. It was hard so she heated it up a little bit, but instead of putting it back in the fridge it went into the microwave.  All that ice cream that I most definitely don't need was poured down the sink. (okay, technically this could be a good thing, since really I don't need those calories.)

2. Looking around my living room and seeing how uninspiring this room is. I need some design help stat! 

How about you? Got any good or bad things from your day or week that you want to share?

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