Things Our Moms Would Never Do

Some of these things I have found I enjoy. When the weather is nice, I don’t mind sitting outside at my son’s flag football practice and watching him learn the game we love, or simply soaking up the sunshine and scrolling through my email while he plays. And birthday parties for my kids are my thing. I get into picking a theme and decorating and going all out just as much as they do. I love giving that gift of a completely special day to them. But a lot of the rest, I grumble and go along with it. Or sometimes I say f-it and just send in a box of plain old individually bagged Goldfish crackers for snack and don’t apologize one bit. 

I wonder how long this cultural shift can continue to move along the scale of over the top and excessive parenting. Today it’s practices and party food; tomorrow will we feel compelled to follow them into the locker room and compete for making the cutest lunch every. single. day? I hope not, because I don’t have the energy for that. I am often asked by aunts or friends my mom’s age, “How do you do everything you do?” I usually shrug it off. But lately I want to tell them I have no freaking idea and I wish I could stop. 

So seriously, can we all just pick one or two over-the-top parenting things we love to do, and leave all the rest to someone else? Because then we can all slack a bit. We can all miss some practices, and send in some crappy snacks, and get some rest the night before a school party. Thanks for your cooperation.  


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