Things to Ponder

Today my brain is a little too disjointed to form coherent thoughts, so I am just going to leave you with deep things to cogitate about. Feel free to express your cogitation in the comments. I always like to know.

First, a big Thank You to reader “sasoc” who referred me to the Esquire article detailing SEVERAL reference to sexual abuse and the incestuous abuse of a child in Woody Allen’s movies.

Secondly, an 8 foot long (not just 8 arms?) octopus was freaked out by a dive camera and the resulting footing is amazing. The only deep thoughts I have is if I would poo in my dive suit or just pee.

Thirdly, racists cannot seem to grasp statistics versus sample size versus anecdote – especially about rape.

Finally, here are 10 cool things about redheads I think everyone should commit to memory. Ginger Power!

Hope you all have a grand and glorious weekend!!