Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used iPhone

Sure we all love the iPhone but not everyone can afford it. Even a few who own iPhone today at one time were only aspiring to own an iPhone someday. Leaving a few lucky ones aside obviously.

But time has changed. Most people buy iPhones on credit, on instalments or some people even buy the phones second hand which means used iPhones. Now just because it says used does not mean these will be in a bad condition.

Some people generally use their iPhones with a lot of care that you will never see any damage just a few due to wear and tear. If you’re looking to buy a used iPhone then you must keep a few things in mind. Here’s a list to get you started.

Look for the Body of iPhone – It may be a used iPhone but it should still not be in a very bad looking condition. Look for any scratches on the body or on the screen before agreeing to buy someone’s use iPhone. It should still look as shiny. A few scratches here and there are allowed but scratches that have come due to falling of the phone often are not acceptable. Such scratches are quite prominent. Please also ensure that the phone is not water damaged. All iPhones come with a Liquid Contact Indicator which turns red after coming in contact with water, tea or coffee.

Check if the iPhone is not stolen – When you first get a used iPhone you must check the IMEI Number. It’s a unique number for every device that can be used to track it. How will you know if the phone you’re taking is stolen or not? First get your IMEI number by dialing *#06# to see the number being displayed on your screen. After this copy the number and enter in Apple Activation Lock Status Tool. The toll will give you the status of the phone. Please check for the iCloud lock & if its locked then you must remove iCloud lock and also bypass iCloud lock.

Check for the Camera & Sounds – Take a few pictures from the camera and see if it is properly working. Sometimes the display of the iPhone is hampered with and you won’t know unless you use the camera & check for yourself. You must also check if the alarm, ring tone is working on it. This should be checked with and without headphones. 

Format the iPhone & Check the Warranty – Sometimes Apple devices store data in place that are not easily located. Ensure when you first get the phone you completely format it & reset it so that you can personalize it the way you like. You must also check the About section under Settings>General of the iPhone to see if there is any warranty left.

Check for all Add-Ons – Please make sure that you are being given all the add-ons like charger, earphones, and thing else is given to you along with the iPhone. You don’t separately pay for a charger when you buy an iPhone then why should you pay extra if you’re buying it second hand?

iPhone is a great device to own. It has its own amazing perks and if you get a good opportunity to buy someone’s iPhone which is in a good condition then you should go for it. Lastly please check quoted from other sellers as well. There are some online sites which does provide used iPhones in good conditions as well.

You can take pictures, edit them, share them, all on one device and while the pictures are in high definition format. The “Face-Time” feature is awesome. I can talk to people who are dear to me even if they are on the other side of the world. I can see them and they can see me. You can even use the camera that they have on the back on the phone as well but I really have not quite figured how this would be beneficial yet. Of course the multi-tasking feature is nice too. My favorite part however about the iPhone, is perhaps the fact that the detail and the resolution on the screen is so immensely clear that it is as if whatever you are looking at is right there in the palm of your hand. It took me a while to break down and get one. I am a college student and I bought one out of my own money but I will say this. You will not understand the hype….until you get one and once you do, you will realize that this is not hype—it’s truth.