Think you can’t get great organic denim for under a hundred bucks? Think again.

Think you can’t get great organic denim for under a hundred bucks? Think again. We just discovered Good Society, which is all organic cotton, made on vintage shuttle looms, hand-sewn, fair-trade, and designed by some geniuses in Japan because seriously the fit is buttah. Emphasis on the butt.

But wait, are you sitting on it? Because these babies are $99. That’s right, you heard us loud and clear. The best-fitting organic denim jeans we’ve found in years and they’re selling full-price for less than other eco-faves on sale. Of course, that’s just the raw denim. Any one of eight additional washes will set you back an additional 10, count ‘em, $10. Like the gorgeous jet Linden, or weathered Light Vintage, or our personal to-die-for, the oh-so-au-courant, silvery-gray Dayton. $109. Oh, yeah.

Lest you think this is some bargain-basement number, let us drop some names: Feist, Paramore, Fallout Boy and Band of Horses. All wearing Good Society on tour, all the time.

Plus, setting the bar high in terms of in corporate responsibility,
Good Society supports their Indian factory workers and the impoverished
children living nearby with groundbreaking social programs, as well as
donating to programs that plant a tree, feed a family or contribute to
the construction of an orphanage in India for ever pair sold.

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