Think Before You Type

Last month while attending a twitter party I happened to make a comment that was innocent in it's statement, but started a twitter war of insults as a result. I had noticed that one of the attendees had been making jokes about the republicans and thought it only fair that if he was going to make political jokes he should do some about the democrats too. I started a banter with him commenting on his tweets and things were going fine until I made the mistake of making a comment that showed my political standing:

 "I am going to vote republican, go Romney"

After this started the insults and the retweets of others joining in and slinging their own insults. Soon I was in tears because those jabs at me I took personally and they hurt. I learned not only not to share my political opinions of any sort on Twitter, but also that people can be cruel and mean. Not caring whose the target of their insults only wanting to hurt others and  have a laugh at their expense.

While I will not share what was said exactly, there were insults about my body image and my womanhood. The person that started it actually was having a blast at what he had started and did not apoligize.

My solution to this problem was to start a new twitter account and put that bad incident behind me. By trying to defend myself against the insults and tweeting back I cause more of a frenzy. Now looking back, I realize I could have solved the situation by blocking the haters and simply ignoring the situation. But I was with a low self esteem and did not know how to handle the attack.

Before you type something online, wheather it be a comment on a blog or a tweet on twitter think about what an impact it will have on others and who is recieving this, they might turn to tears at the insults and not be able to fight back. Think before you type because your words could results in a smile or tears, which do you want?



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