Think You're Too Old For A Music Festival Like Coachella? Think Again.

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We don't take many vacations around these parts. With both of us being self-employed, it's hard for us to find the time to take off of work to take those much needed life-breaks. So most of the time, we just don't. I travel for work, and we'll do quick trips to visit our sisters on the weekends, but that's it. No getaways. No hookey. And you know what they say about "all work and no play" and all that jazz.

But when I was in New York not long ago, I got to talking with my beloved Katie about the very exciting prospect of Eric, her radical fiance, playing at Coachella with his band Tanlines. Despite all of us being over thirty, we thought it would be insanely fun to join our good buddies Neal and Jodi to meet Katie and Eric down there for some old timey roll-in-the-mud fun.

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We were right. Tanlines was awesome (that's Eric rocking out up there) and Indio is a pretty resort-y town. We spent our days drinking by the pool before heading out to shows, and our nights in a cloud of dust and throbbing bass, and it's really impossible not to lose track of life's ailments in moments like that. Which, thank Moses. Because I think Scott and I both really needed the break.


We skipped Friday night, but managed to drag ourselves out of the pool in time on Saturday to see The Postal Service perform in the melee. All of their songs take me back to my post-collegiate life. Have you ever seen my husband look so happy? (I haven't!)


Social Distortion was a definite highlight from the early days of mine and Scott's relationship, and I could not get over the force of nature that is Janelle Monae. Holy wow that girl can perform.


Vampire Weekend was like joy in a bottle, except for this dude in the cowboy hat who kept standing right in front of me:


(seriously guy, when you're at a show take your hat off)

Still, Good times.

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Unfortunately, we missed out on Red Hot Chili Peppers because we're freaking grown ups and we had to be at work Monday morning.

But I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


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