THINKING AHEAD.....Those Who Are Successful THINK AHEAD.....


I truly believe it is up to us to make our lives what we want them to be. No one else will come along and do the work or brain thought for us….We will have to figure it out….What we want our lives to look like we then create a map to get there….I think life is about problems that we are here to solve….We are meant to solve the equations….We are problem solvers….

I do believe that we often have to stay on top of our decision making….look ahead, to the side, and behind of us to make the very best choices in life…..Everyone has different decisions to make and each one is likely to be done differently. Yes, decisions are everywhere and it is us who has to make them….

Making great decisions to have a great life is key to how our lives turn out…..Getting Decision minded can be a very good thing….For when we fine tooth every decision we make from the smallest to the biggest to create the world we want to have….we tend to find the successes in life we are looking for….

Making great decision determine how our lives turn out….A lifetime of great decisions….one right after the other……THINKING AHEAD is an aspect of decision making….There are many obstacles and things in life that can sink our ship if we are not careful. Big Ships have been sunk by icebergs….and successful people have met with instant failure by not avoiding major things that took them down….Successful navigation comes with thinking ahead of what one needs to avoid in life……Decisions are not just about all the good things in life…..but also in what we can do to avoid the bad things….

Decisions add up, each and every day….All those little decisions we make…..Those little health habits that we do or don’t do each day add up to either great health or poor health……Our driving we do daily…our daily driving habits can ultimately decide our safety on the road…….How we spend or save our money can decide our financial destination in life…..The people we choose to associate with or not associate with can affect our lives….

So we are always making decisions….everyday……Thinking ahead is key to our navigating away from negative things and navigating to where we want to go….There will always be obstacles even when we have met up with Success so for that reason we must “stay on top of our game” and stay aware of what is around us and ahead of us so that our decisions will be perfect for our lives…..Thinking Ahead is a way of life for those who are Successful….


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