thirstyGirl Adam Corolla’s Sweet Mangria

thirstyGirl thursday Adam Corolla's Mangria

Every week has a Thursday, and on that day, we will drink and review some kind of alcohol! This thirstyGirl wanted to try something new and had not had the opportunity to try Adam Corolla’s Mangria. Yes, I have been a huge fan of Adam since the early days of the Man Show and his bits on the Kevin and Bean show, a Southern California radio station.

So, for thirstyGirl Thursday we’ll be reviewing a man-tail with a sweet kick in the kaboose. Though Mangria reminds more of a college concoction, than a homemade Italian white sangria it’s still a somewhat drinkable drink.

Tasting Notes: Adam Carolla’s Signature White Peach-Pear has aromas of, you guessed it, peach and pear along with generous floral aromas. The flavors are a juicy combination of tree fruit and sweetness. The finish is long, smooth and mouth-watering with a fruit basket of flavors. This wine, like the original Mangria, is best served over ice.


A very sweet aroma lifts from the glass when you pour it. I get a little more grapefruit than peach, but definitely the pear comes through.


Well, here is the tricky part. The initial taste is so overpowering of alcohol that you kinda make that, ‘oh shit’ face. The subsequent sips begin to mellow out, but that could just be that I was starting to get drunk! Personally, the white sangria is too overly sweet. I served it just over ice. I started researching other recipes and few said adding orange juice and fruit mellows it out significantly.

Alcohol: 19%


Sadly, it’s another week with a disappointing drink. If you’re a Corolla fan you have to say you tried his Mangria at least once! But the overly sweetness gave me an instant headache, and it reminded me of my first year in college, when I didn’t know what to drink. But on a positive note…it’ll get ya drunk!



To mask the sweetness I paired a glass of white Mangria with spicy arrabbiata sauce over penne pasta and a blueberry walnut salad. Drink pairing penne arribbiata, blueberry salad