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Zinopolis Wine Review by Confession Girl

Scanning the wine shelf for this week’s wine review and my eyes quickly went to this cool label – Zinopolis. First, thing that came to my mind was Monsters Inc., Monstropolis! I know silly right? Well, Zinopolis packs a pretty monstrous punch, so it’s actually pretty fitting.

Wine Maker’s Notes The vines have crept into the crevices of flavor and climbed their way to ambrosial heights, their chameleon-like character providing the perfect guise to conquer the ordinary world of wine with an extraordinary world of taste. Uncork the mystery of this exquisite wine beaming with peppery tones and underlying sweetness. Indulge in aromas of sun-dered cherries and blackberry spice as each sip slowly mesmerizes your senses. Zinopolis, destination taste. Accolades 2012 Vintage, Zinfandel Gold Medal (93 Points) - World Value Wine Challenge, 2013

Zinopolis is vented and bottled in Graton, located on California’s north coast. Opening the bottle gives off aromas of sweet cherry and spice. But, one of my favorite features was the black cork. It gave Zinopolis another aesthetic appeal that I totally appreciate.

I let the wine sit for about 30 minutes, I’m pretty impatient! Zinopolis has a boozy, jammy, spicy, and great mouthfeel. There’s only one downside, there’s barely any information about the wine online to learn more about it. This isn’t a huge problem, but wonder if it’ll be a difficult find again.

Overall: I really enjoyed Zinopolis. It can have a really boozy taste if you don’t let the wine aerate long enough, but overall it tasted very delicious. We all have different palates, and I tend to enjoy a heavier, spicy and oaky wine, versus a sweeter milder one. In my opinion, Zinopolis falls more on the sweeter side, but it has such a nice balance of pepper and oak, that the sweeter parts make the wine very balanced.


Vintage: 2012

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: Ralphs $10


Zinopolis Food Pairing by Confession Girl

Main Dish – I went with an untraditional recipe for Zinopolis. Typically, you want to pair zin's with a good steak, or use another flavorful meat like lamb with a wine like this. Again, my palate prefers spicy over sweet so, I made a Jamaican Jerk Chicken. If you fall in the sweetness category like our B.B., I would suggest baking the chicken topped with pineapple chunks. It’ll add hints of citrus and sweetness to tame some of the heat from the Jerk spices.

Side Dish – Herbed Brown Rice Pilaf

Side SaladCucumber, tomato and carrot salad with a simple drizzle of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Instead of using onions I used carrots.


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