Those Little Rituals

Do you ever notice that after a break up you eventually start to pay more attention to yourself again?  Actually for me I never really realize that I stop paying attention to myself. The first weeks I slog through like a zombie but then slowly, oh so slowly, I begin to come out if it.  I know I am on the upswing when all those little things I used to be satisfied with are no longer acceptable.  Those few extra pounds that crept up on married me just don’t feel right on single me.  It's time to hit the gym again.  My teeth are looking a little dull and I want to brighten my smile.  It must be time for a trip to the dentist.  Buying new clothes is a must.  I can’t go out on the town in those sorry old duds hanging in my closet but a sure sign that I am rejoining life is when I get rid of all my old underwear and buy all new.  That must mean that I am contemplating letting someone new actually see my underwear.  Then a funny thought popped into my head.  Why do I stop doing all these things that make me feel attractive in the first place?  I guess when I hit that comfortable place in a relationship I am not so worried about what I look like because I already have that someone special. Life is all about lessons and just one of many I will take from this experience is that I am worth all those little investments in myself all the time.  All the time!  Don't get me wrong, I know beauty and confidence come from within but sometimes I need a little help.  On the other hand, something shouldn’t have to end for me to spend a little time and money on myself.  These little rituals should be performed daily, weekly, or monthly, not just post break up.  So take some time for yourself.  Me?  I'v got some lingerie shopping tp do.

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