When we lived in Idaho, our friends all hunted and we saw the value of filling one’s freezer with meat that was hormone and antibiotic-free. We were introduced to the tastiest way to prepare duck and goose, and my husband returned to a sport he had abandoned years ago.

And so, last year our teenage son and daughter passed hunters safety. This year, our thirteen-year-old daughter expressed an interest in an elk hunt after joining her father previously on a hunt in which a whitetail buck was shot. She practiced at the range and got to be quite good. So, off they went with some friends for the Thanksgiving weekend.


As the photo illustrates, she got her elk. She also learned about safety, humane hunting, the hard work involved, and about bounty. When we recently enjoyed the tenderloin with some close friends, she was thrilled to have contributed to the meal. We are all thankful for the elk and wholesome bounty of hunting.