Thoughts Out loud...

There needs to be a Blog Her topic that includes random maundering about the general upkeep of your various journals and blathering about your less professional areas of writing. But there isn't. There should also be a Blog Her topic that involves "real" journal writing, as in "the general events of the day and or random things that occur to me." But there isn't.

My oldest (and first) journal was on livejournal. It contains mostly a lot of babbling about my day to day life, books I've read and tv shows I've watched. It also contains a lot of fanfiction about a few of the tv shows I've watched and books I've read. On top of that, it is also one of the first blogs I monetized. 

Bluntly, my livejournal is a mishmash of professional and non-professional writing, and I'm torn between promoting it and not promoting, because it is also the main blog for one of my attempts at affiliate marketing, and also the main journal I post my anime, book and manga reviews links on.

I am reaching a fairly drastic deadline, and so far most of my attempts at becoming financially solvent have not gotten me enough money to be even close to secure. So the basic question I'm asking myself is, do I attempt to promote one of my oldest, most geeky blogs, or do I not.

(I think I am going to end up adding it to the blogs I've listed as mine here. This post is mostly getting my thoughts on the topic down. I think I will neither lose nor gain readers as the blog is very, very geeky and is a sort of condensed version of my other blogs. At worst, I can friend-lock all of the fanfiction.)





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