Thoughts To Ponder on Speech

The Spoken Word

My children, I do not need to you to speak to prove that I am God. Your speech proves your obedience and trust in me releasing control to me.

When you release control to me- you will not be able to keep up with me by word by mouth or any other means.

if you are ashamed of me before man , I will be ashamed of you before the father

Obey me

Words and Power

it is time to stop and think,everyone wants ultimate power and little do they know they have it right in their mouth. Their tongue and they way they use it. The words that come out either have the power to uplift or the power to destroy.

You have the power of life or death in your words. Will you use them in anger - hurting others or will you use them wisely and kindly

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or a soft answer turnth away wrath or Father's provoke not your child to wrath.

Stop take a deep breath-calm down and think how you'd feel if you were treated that way

Say something nice today or zip the lip! Be ye Kind one to another what if Jesus was the other person?

be angry and sin not

written 6/19/2008

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