Three Clothing Items to Avoid This Summer in the Office

Depending on where you’re located this summer, office fashion may get a little tricky in the coming months. If you live somewhere where humidity rears its ugly head, or somewhere that reaches over the 100 degree mark on a daily basis, the goal is to just keep cool, comfortable, and professional between the hours of 9 and 5. Though after that, we can’t promise anything more than the summertime uniform of pool attire.

With our impending battle with the heat on the horizon, here are three things to avoid in the office for the next couple months to keep things both professional and comfortable!

No cut-off shorts.

You know what I mean - the tiny kind. Not only will they ride up when you go to sit at your desk, but denim on a day with crazy humidity and 90 degree temperatures feels so heavy and restricting. Plus, you’ll feel the need to be tugging at the bottoms of those shorts every time your boss walks by. The general rule here is if you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing when your boss walks by, it’s probably just better to leave it at home. Try instead a lighter fabric, professional short, like these sateen shorts from Banana Republic.

No sheer anything.

Tis the season for all things lightweight and what better way to cover up just enough for the sun at the beach than with a sheer top or dress? But if it’s perfect for the beach, it’s probably not perfect for the office. Sheer clothing items, unless paired with something darker underneath, is typically not permitted at most offices according to the dress code.

Dress codes aside, why add another layer to your ensemble in weather like this? Just ditch the outfit all together for a comfortable shirt that doesn’t need the extra layer.   

No skin-tight dresses.

You’d think skin-tight clothing would keep you cool on hot days- no extra fabric to tie you down and warm you up, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Wearing loose or baggie clothing will allow your body to breathe throughout the day without that restricting feeling. Especially if you have the air conditioning cranked in your office, a nice loose maxi skirt is the perfect transitional clothing item between beating the heat from your car to the office and the cool arctic that is your cubicle.