Three Pounds From a Healthy BMI

Three pounds from a healthy BMI doesn't sound like much at all, but it is. I'm not really going to do the yee-haw dance till I actually get there which could be in two weeks or in two months, but at some point I'm pretty certain I will be there.

This entire healthy eating thing has been pretty mind-shifting for me. I've been eating as much as I want and I haven't been exercising which all sounds like some great front page news for the new fad diet, but honestly - my body is so much happier without grains, dairy or sugars.

Last week I caught a nasty little cold. My head was super congested. My throat hurt. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. The cold itself was only three days of unpleasantness, but for me, a cold ALWAYS signifies a week or two of nasty asthma attacks. Somehow they are triggered by viruses so a simple cold is never a simple affair.

Last week, however, was different!!!

I had my cold. I plugged in the humidifier. I never got an asthma attack. Nothing. Nada. Zilcho.

I waited a few more days to see and still nothing.

The underlying theory behind my eating and health is that inflammation leads to a whole host of medical issues. I really truly believe my body has been inflamed most of my life. When I had blood work done a couple months back (while taking Advil which is an anti-inflammatory) my results came back with high levels of chronic inflammation. That's the kind of stuff that leads to diabetes or heart disease or asthma or joint pains - none of which I want in my life.

My poor system. And now that I'm eating well and not feeding it foods that irritate it, it's finally getting a chance to heal. The result is that I'm not starving. I get hungry, but I don't get that weird grazing need. I sleep really well, but I also now insist that I get 8-9 hours of sleep and make that a priority. But mainly I'm feeding my system the fuel it needs to run a little better.

And now I'm three pounds away from that healthy zone. This is such a nicer kinder process than counting calories and restricting my foods.


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