Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Four)

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BlogHer '09 In Real LifeSo you're coming to BlogHer '09 -- or at least thinking about attending (and we really hope you will!) -- but after looking over this summer's agenda perhaps you're thinking you want something more. More you, more technical, more niche-y, more whatever. And hey! You've come to the right place - because we've got it ALL right here. Have you perused the beginner and advanced level Geek Lab offerings? Or taken a look at all the Room of Your Own proposals? If not (or even if you have), let me tell you about a few you might have missed. 

Things I Love About You is a weekly series exploring Room of Your Own
and Geek Lab sessions programmed by the BlogHer community. You can find
last week's edition here.)

Geek Lab

  1. Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Digital Photographs proposed by Mozilla Marcia
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, an expertly shot photo may be worth a million. Do you know how to use all those camera settings? Do you understand composition and framing? Or do you want to know how (and where) to hold a camera to create a better self-portrait? Then this session would be the perfect place for you. 
  2. Blogging Basics 101: Where Do I Even Start?, proposed by Melanie Nelson
    Each year, a number of attendees come to BlogHer while trying to decide whether a blog is right for them. They come hoping to learn how to blog. This session is aimed at helping attendees who haven't started a blog understand (a) what a blog is, (b) how to create one and (c) and how to blog well. 
  3. What Can I Do With .htacess?, proposed by Liz Henry and Skye Kilaen
    This advanced-level lab is for attendees whose blogs are self-hosted. With just a little instruction, you can learn to manipulate .htaccess files to block bandwidth thieves, set up redirects, deliver custom "file not found" messages and more. Come ready to learn, or ready to share your .htaccess tricks!

Room of Your Own

  1. Growing Your Blog Into A Forum, proposed by Chaotic Barb
    So you're thinking it might be time to introduce a forum to your blog...but not just any forum: you want your own, personal, branded forum where your readers and friends can gather. But where do you start? And how do you go about even creating something like that? Attend this session to learn what, where, why, how (and yes, even when). 
  2. Your Blog Is Great, Get People To Know About It, proposed by Jen M.
    If building readership is important to you, this Q&A formatted session will help uncover the secrets to bringing in the page views. Join the Traveling Mamas and FlyAwayCafe as they help you learn how to build traffic and convert your visitors into loyal readers.
  3. My Blog Was Used Against Me In Court OR When Do You Trust Again After Your Own Writing Becomes Your Worst Enemy?, proposed by The Girls' Moma
    What do you do when your writing is used as evidence against you in a battle, whether taking place in court or at work? Do you have legal rights regarding your blog? What are they? This session explores one woman's tale and will tackle the issues surrounding public blogs and social media as they relate to the law. 

Visit the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own polling systems to see the full lists of suggested panels. Do any stand out to you? Let me know by commenting below, and I may feature them in this space next week!