Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Three)

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BlogHer '09 In Real LifeWe've published our BlogHer '09 agenda, we're beginning to announce speakers, and now we're searching for The Next Great Idea. If you've looked over this summer's pre-programmed schedule and wished for a session on [fill in the blank with whatever your heart desires], you may want to consider looking toward our two Room of Your Own tracks or full-on Geek Lab, which will offer both Beginner and Advanced sessions of, well, geeky stuff. In fact, I'd love to share with you some of the sessions that caught my eye this week.

(Three Things I Love About You is a weekly series exploring Room of Your Own and Geek Lab sessions programmed by the BlogHer community. You can find last week's edition here.)

Geek Lab

  1. Link Building: Taking SEO to the Next Level, proposed by Angela Moore
    Let me tell you one thing: if you're already using SEO but waiting to gain traction (and wanting to help your site bring in traffic in the meantime), this advanced-level session is the place for you. Angela is a link development expert -- no, seriously -- and she's offering to share all her secrets with you. Don't you want to be in on the page rank secret? (That's what I thought. Me, too.)
  2. Ditch Your Hosted Blog and Get Your Own Domain, proposed by Megan Garnhum
    If you're tired of .wordpress or .typepad or .blogspot taking up valuable space in your URL (there are other hosted domains, of course, but those are the three biggies) (I think), join this session to learn why you might want your own domain, how you can get one and what the benefits are of keeping it short and sweet. Emphasis on the short.
  3. WordPress for Beginners, proposed by Shazia Mistry
    In my opinion, WordPress is among the most user-friendly content management systems - I mean, I just set my mom up on a WordPress blog yesterday! - but some newbies get a little confused by everything it has to offer. Want to learn how to set up a blog with WordPress, how to migrate your content to WordPress from another blog, or want to have your other beginner-level technical questions answered? Then you should attend this session.

Room of Your Own

  1. Avoiding and Embracing Anti-MommyBlogging, proposed by Terra Atrill
    Are you a mom, and a blogger, but not necessarily a MommyBlogger? Do you authentically write about controversial issues that leave you feeling like you just stepped over an imaginary line (and you don't really care)? If you're that mom who writes about YOU, and not your children, this panel will help you connect with other women just like yourself.
  2. Connecting with Your Audience, proposed by IndieBizChicks
    If you're a business blogger and need more information about driving traffic to your site, how to build trustworthy credibilty, how to establish yourself as an expert and how to connect with your customers, IndieBizChicks are here to help. They've mastered the art of smart business blogging, and want to help you achieve similar results - without spending thousands on marketing.
  3. Book Bloggers: So Many Words, So Little Time..., proposed by Florinda
    With publishers becoming more aggressive about sending you free books to review on your site, it's hard to keep up with the stacks, to keep your content fresh and interesting, and to create ethical review rules for your site. Florinda discusses mutual obligations, what to do when a book is truly awful, the role blogs play in book promotion and why your blog's participation is important.

Visit the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own polling systems to see the full lists of suggested panels. Do any stand out to you? Let me know by commenting below, and I may feature them in this space next week!


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