Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Two)

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BlogHer '09 In Real LifeLast week I began a series that I've decided to re-name Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own. This series explores three sessions you may have overlooked in each of our on-going polls for the BlogHer '09 Geek Lab and Room of Your Own submissions. What's that? You didn't know about our polling system? And you want to help us program our annual event this summer? Look no further - I've got all the details you need right here.

We'd love to know what you think - so submit your ideas or vote on existing submissions for both the Geek Lab and the Room of Your Own sessions. Hint: You don't need to be a registered attendee to vote on either! (Though keep in mind that BlogHer has reserved Room of Your Own sessions for registered attendees only.)

So, what am I loving this week? I'm so glad you asked.

Geek Lab

  1. Blogging with Moxie!, proposed by Joelle Reeder
    Listen, I don't even know what moxie means, but these folks seem to have it in spades. Want design tips from the pros? They can help. Need to know what an RSS feed does, or how to get one? Just ask. What about blogging etiquette? They're prepared for your burning questions. Anyone wanting to cover the blogging basics should attend this lab.
  2. Creating a Twitter Page is Tweasy, proposed by Nicole at Apron Strings Aflutter
    So you know how to use Twitter. You even have followers! And you know what hashtags are! But have you mastered designing your own Twitter page? If not, this lab is the place for you - Nicole will help you tweak your Twitter landing page so it reflects your personal brand.
  3. Virtual Worlds - Virtual Travel, proposed by artpax
    After hosting BlogHer conferences in SecondLife for the past two years, it's time to bring SL to BlogHer! Come learn how you can travel the world, attend lectures and conferences, build businesses and sharpen your design skills (not to mention making yourself a networking maven) in this virtual world.

Room of Your Own

  1. Ch-ch-ch-changes...Can your blog survive your happiness?, proposed by Bri S
    Maybe you began as an infertility blogger, but now you've started a family. Or perhaps your blog began when you had cancer, but you've been in remission for a year. Did you get your start as a weight loss blogger, and now you've reached your goal? What happens to your niche blog when the chapters of your life dictate that you don't fit into that niche so perfectly anymore? How do you write honestly, honoring where you came from but looking forward to the future? Attend this session to discuss these questions and more.
  2. Blogging to Lose, proposed by Roni
    Every new year, and again at the start of every summer, women everywhere (and some men, too) vow to drop a pant size. But few people have the accountability, the discipline or the defined goals that can help make it a reality. In this session, Roni will lead a discussion about the power of using your blog community to help keep your vows and she'll share the tips and tricks of her own weight loss success.
  3. Giving Back through Social Media, proposed by Gwynne L
    Ever feel like what you're doing isn't amounting to much? Want to leave your imprint on the web in a more impactful way? Attend this panel to hear from others who are doing just that: from raising awareness to donating money to helping meet the needs of individuals they've never met, these bloggers are using social media to help make other people's lives more full. 

Visit the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own polling systems to see the full lists of suggested panels. Do any stand out to you? Let me know by commenting below, and I may feature them in this space next week!



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