Three Ways to Spice up Your Company Blog

Does your company blog need a facelift? Sometimes it's the little things that can really help make a blog shine and stand out from the crowd. Easier than just completely renovating your website (though you are welcome to do that too for a fresh new look!), these three tips are often overlooked when it comes to making the blogging platform a comfortable and user friendly reading experience. Check out my tips on turning your company blog from dull to dazzling!

1) Invest in a Paid Stock Image Account

There are plenty of websites that you can pick up free images at, but the quality of the photo as well as how well they relate to the topic you're writing on is going to require some time spent searching around which will cut into your blogging time. Creating accounts with sites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock give you the option of choosing from thousands of photos, videos, clip art, and more for as little as 1 credit (equal to id="mce_marker") per image. Pictures liven up a lengthy, wordy post and illustrate a point, especially one that relies on photos to bring it to life.

2) Pick a Read More Option

The longer the post, the harder it gets to keep reading it if the post contains no page breaks. For posts that break out past 500 words, choose the "read more" button option. This will give readers a couple of paragraphs to start off reading which work as teasers to the rest of the piece. This helps keep your blog timeline content from looking too overwhelming or cluttered.

3) Archive by the month

For a professional and tidy appearance, archive your material by the month. Click on a certain month to read the posts from there and catch up on what you've been missing within the company since!


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