Three Weeks on Twitter: @IsabelAnders


As I come to the end of my third week of participation in the Twitter community, I’m amazed at the difference tweeting makes in feeling visible, connected, informed, and allowed to participate personally in (especially writers’) events as they unfold around the world.

       Through luck, and perhaps some beginner’s skill, I seem to have found quickly a community of like-minded minds, interesting people, witty folk, generous souls—and only a few connections that really weren’t on my wavelength and have dropped me or I them, as part of a natural pruning process. I know (and I hope they do) not to take the art of list fine-tuning personally ...

       I look forward eagerly to scanning my stream of tweets nearly every morning with the first cup of coffee—learning how to spot the gems of interest, click on some sites to bookmark for later, and follow the links to those that can feed my interests immediately.

       For instance, @TweetSmarter is training me as I go, answering my questions as they arise, and sometimes before I can formulate them well enough to ask. @JaneFriedman helps writers every day with insight and spirit, and adding her and expert @JFbookman (Joel Friedlander) has insured that I catch their latest posts, even though I also follow their blogs. Ditto for @thecreativepenn (Joanna Penn) and @Porter_Anderson who help writers think outside the box.

And I have found that the discipline of communicating in posts of no more than 140 characters is actually challenging and stimulating, mingled into my day as I accomplish other work. Even though I sometimes wish I could add a few more words—it’s not to keep the soapbox longer for myself, but so I can best communicate someone else’s point fairly without relying on too many ellipses—and leaving room for the citation.

       There IS a place for wider expansion of my thoughts, and it’s here, on my blog. And of course, there are my books in which the space looms even wider and is meant to be (HAS to be) filled.

       Here I would especially like to thank @SylviaDSmith (Sylvia Dickey Smith) for inviting me to be the guest on her blog radio program Writing Strong Women, August 15, 1:00 p.m. central, to discuss my book Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom.

Thank you all for being part of my expanding Twitter community. And special thanks to Vickie Sullivan @vsulli for inviting me to join and becoming my first follower.   :-)


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