Three Words I Hate

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I was watching The Voice tonight when Christina Aguilera said, "For whatever reason...." And for whatever reason, I cringed. My eyes involuntarily squinted. I wanted to stab somebody with my red pen. I hope to never hear those three words uttered together again.

Are there certain 3-word combinations that make you want to stuff your panties in your ears? It probably wouldn't surprise anybody to know I have thousands dozens. Here are a few of my least favorites, without unnecessary explanation:

  • That being said...
  • ...thought to myself...
  • To be fair...
  • You've really grown.
  • Don't touch that.
  • Eat your liver.
  • No more chocolate.
  • No more dessert.
  • No more (fill in the blank ).
  • She's so old.

You used four words, Cookie Monster. Four awful, hurtful, selfish, unnecessary words. Go sit in the corner, bitch, and think about what you said.


To be fair, I can also think of three words I dig hearing together. Words like

  • I love you.
  • I want you.
  • Here, let me.
  • Damn, you're big.
  • You're so sexy.
  • Breakfast is served.
  • Want a cookie?

Awwww. I don't care if you can't count as long as you give me cookies. C'mere, you big monster, you.

Those are my short lists. Did I miss any 3-word combinations you hate? Want to hear every day of your life? Don't give a shit about?


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