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Obama's got not just one, but two green inauguration balls planned in his honor! And if you're like me, you're -- not going to either one.

But just because you don't plan to be in Washington DC, wasn't on Al Gore's guest list, and can't afford a $500 ticket right now doesn't mean you can't have a green party of your own. In fact, a couple friends and I are already planning a green inaugural cocktail party to celebrate in SoCal.

And tips for greening inauguration parties are all over the web -- so I compiled them below for your partying pleasure:

1. Get there greenly. If you live in a public transit-friendly town like Washington DC, then by all means, take advantage of the trains and buses! Otherwise, walking and biking -- and at the very least, carpooling -- are all great options.

2. Watch the festivities together. The people at Live Earth, the company putting together Al Gore's green ball, suggests watching the inauguration as a crowd to save energy. I thought the inauguration aired early in the morning though -- especially for the west coast.... Will Obama's speech be rebroadcast at an evening party-appropriate time? Or should the party be held at a place with Tivo?

3. Opt for reusable serviceware. The Green Inaugural Ball's renting glasses and china in lieu of disposable cheapies. Can't afford to pay a rental company? Here's my guide on how to de-bottle and de-plastic cup your party.

4. Serve local and organic yummies. The Green Inaugural Ball notes that local produce isn't an option in January in DC -- but it is in SoCal! If you're getting your party catered, pick a restaurant or catering company that supports local, organic food.

5. Go buffet style, which is greener than using individually-packaged servings, Live Earth points out. If you cook and bake your own yummies, you'll even be able to avoid some of the excess packaging that tends to come with ready-to-serve foods.

6. Decorate Green. Live Earth suggests that you "use foliage and other things from nature and use materials you had left over from election night." I'm not quite sure how foliage relates to the inauguration, but we do plan to reuse the Obama cutout (with me, right) we got for our fundraiser party back in October. The Green Inauguration ball plans to have locally-grown flowers.

7. Recycle. But do remember to reuse and reduce first!

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