Throwback Thursday: Sweet Pickle Relish

I had a craving for a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today which led me to my basement to grab a jar of my sweet pickle relish. I love my homemade relish. I learned how to make it last year and I don't even know how many jars I have gone through, but it's been a lot. I find excuses to use it. It is that good. I promise.


And as I was thinking about how yummy it is and how much I enjoy being able to run down to the basement whenever I need a jar, I thought to instagram the moment you know how that goes. So I snapped a pic and tweeted the thought and that led me to another thought. I'll just let you know right here that I do in fact have ADD and so I often have lots of thought trains that lead me to places I never intended to go. I thought "well what if someone sees this and wants to know how to make it"? Then I remember that I actually wrote a blog about this last year when I made my second batch. I knew right away that I would need a second batch of this stuff and that someday I would want to share with someone else, so I shared it with the three followers that I had at that time. But now I want to share it again. 


I've been thinking of doing a weekly "Throwback Thursday" post to revisit some of my favorite posts from the past. And what better time to start than today?


So here it is folks, for your canning pleasure:



I hope you enjoy this recipe, and if you make some please let me know how it turns out!

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