I did what he said the second he told me and man was I surprise.

“It didn’t fit!”

Remember I told you (LxWxH).  There was no problem. I was wetter than the pool at the hotel. He was just a giant. I could feel the wall inside me scream from the pleasure of being caressed by the smallest thrust of his hips, which caused his member to enter with caution. The sensation was so good that I couldn’t make a sound. It had to be the expression on my face that gave him concern.

“You ok?”

For a moment I felt like a high school teenager on prom night.  You know, my first time. Don’t judge me.

I knew he had gone as far as he could go. I was still holding onto the shaft, taking note that my hand was still wrapped around its base.

As women please know that there are muscles inside your vagina. If used they can help you both in the pleasure of sex. There are exercises that can be done to help strengthen them. In fact there is a toy for that, which I use once a week.

Slowly I tighten my muscles in an upward sweep, checking to make sure that what I was feeling wasn’t kidding me.

“He is all in there.” I thought as he motioned slowly in and out and back again.

“Are you making it tighter for me?” The motion of his hips had an unrhymed speed. I didn’t know if I should thrust, twist or think, but it was ‘oh so good’. He made my toes curl. It was as if he wanted to get me right there, change up so he could stop me from reaching my climax or could he want to stop his.

“Why are you messing with my mine?” I panted coming down from the near climax only to return again. I was feeling him!

It was now my turn. If he was giving me all this attention to make it last I was going to make sure he came first. I kept my hands tight around his shaft making sure that every inch of him was going to feel some part of me. I did the best I could for the moment.

“Grab my balls!” he whispered in my ear as he pumped to a crazy jazz beat.  We kissed, we licked and we even bit each other. I wrapped and un wrapped my legs from around his waist trying to keep him to a rhythm that would lead me to the climax that I came close to during the forty five minutes of this human entanglement of sweat, heat and hair.

“Maybe we should stop.” I said when I finally looked over to see that we had been at this for a thrilling hour.

“Tired?” He took his free hand and wiped the seat away from my face. “Good!”

He placed his hand across my face as he raised his body upward to sit on his heels. He stroked lowly and steady. He let his hands slide down from my face to my neck to land on my breast.

Strong thrust and then back to the beat. Wow what a feeling. That thrust took my breath away and the surprise of it made me forget where I was. The next thing I knew, he had hand cuffed my hands together. He held on to the connecting chain causing my arms to be raised away from my body.

Thrust and back to motion. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He reached alongside me and began placing the melted candy upon my chest and stomach. The sticky melting clumps of candy slide down to my side and in between my breast to my neck. The only thing I could move was my head and it tossed side to side in the candy.


My body went limp as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my nerve endings. My legs fell down to the bed. He releases the chain to the handcuffs letting my hands fall to my stomach.

Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!

I was trying my best just to breathe. The thought of returning his actions didn’t come to me until…NOW!

I matched him thrust for thrust and I add a grind in between every third thrust.  His face showed sign of a happy surprise and the grind threw him for a loop. He must have decided the erratic movements were needed again but each time he tried to switch up, I brought him back into my rhythm.

I let my feet walk up his perfect abs and across his perky pecks to dangle by the heels on his shoulder.  I looked him in his eyes.

“Let’s do it!” I said. 

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