Thursday Shoes - We Are What We Wear!

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For this week’s shoe shot I asked the team to wear a shoe that best represents them and to describe why.  With the start of the New Year and new resolutions, many of us are in a more contemplative state; focused on self reflection, changes and growth.  What better way to self discovery than through our shoes?!  How do your shoes reflect who you are? 

And here are our Thursday shoes, clockwise from upper right.  Enjoy!

Jane Collins, Director of Market Research:

I am wearing black flat walking booties.  I bought them in Dublin, Ireland in September because I needed something that would be comfy and easy to walk around in while I was traveling, and I didn’t want to wear athletic shoes.  These shoes represent what I hope to achieve in 2013 which is fitness and more walking!

Melinna Gershik, Senior Events Manager:

Love these because they are flat and sparkly…I'm not flat but I like to think I'm sparkly!

Miriam Anton, Senior Director of Events Sales:

I found these boots stashed away at the bottom of my closet.  I forgot how comfy and basic they are.  The dark brown goes with everything and the heel is low enough that I can easily break into a spint if necessary (I did so running late, just this morning!) They are casual and fuss-free and how I aim to be. 

Valerie Field, Office Manager:

These are so me!  Baseball and Summer!  Love them both!!!!

Amelia Elsbree, Marketing Coordinator:

As the resident wallflower of the BlogHer events team, couldn’t pick a flashy shoe to represent me…even though I wish I could pull off a sneaker like Monique! But I love these booties because they have a bit of a vintage vibe which I often tend to gravitate to in my shopping purchases. These shoes are like me because they may not be super outgoing, but they still have a bit of a quirky side :)

Monique Maestas-Gower, Events Sales Associate:

One of my New Year's goals is to kick back and have more fun. Paying bills, buying groceries, and day to day tasks will take care of themselves what is most important is to spend time doing what you enjoy most.  These shoes are girly but practical, bright and fun…

Events Team Shoes

We’ve shared ours, now you share yours… BlogHerLovesShoes!!