Thursday: Chef's and Signs - Care to buy some 'No Soliciting' signs?My feet and toe really were feeling better Thursday morning.  So I headed out for a run.  I had planned to do 4-6-4-6 to get my 2o miles in for the week.  After about 1.5 miles, things started to fall apart.  The toe was hurting.  The other foot started developing a blister right in the arch.  I made in through the four miles but it was UGLY.  Ugly miles are better than no miles.  And there is always tomorrow.

Run: 4 miles / 51-something.  Yes, there was walking.

Thursday Food:

Breakfast: Coffee and half a Costco Pumpkin muffin

Lunch: Chef Boyardee Ravioli's.  I know, stellar choice.

Snacks: Carrots, snack mix

Dinner;  Chicken and stuffing back with cream of chicken soup, steamfresh veggies

Here is something I can't figure out.  We live in a gated community.  Not that big of a deal to us.  It just happened to be where the rental house was.  But twice Thursday, people knocked on the door trying to sell me something.  Isn't one of the perks of a gated community that there are supposed to be no solicitations?  And no, I am not buying a new alarm system to put in a house I don't own.  And especially after he said that our dogs were the best alarm system.  Duh.

This is all the protection I need.

Anyone else watching the new Top Chef?  I liked the way they picked the chef's going to Seattle.

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