Thursday Latlies

Hey y'all! How is everyone?

Today will be a little different. Today will be about life lately.

1) There are THREE days until my first half marathon!!

Yes, I'm freaking out.

I, being the genius I am, looked at the course yesterday. Dumbest idea ever!

But I will say that in preparation for the half, this week I have:

  • Avoided alcohol completely. Well it's not over yet, and it's one of my closest friend's birthday today, but I'm determined AND we need a driver.
  • Added red meat and whole grains to my diet.
  • Researched the best fuel for my run - I'm going to GNC today to get some jelly beans!
  • Practiced a good amount of yoga and stretched on days I did not.
  • Purchased Run: Inspire Crop II from my local lululemon show room. The ladies there swear by them!! They are compression pants, with a back pocket for storage and two front pockets for energy/refuel treats.

2) Speaking of lululemon, yesterday the lovely ladies at our show room also introduced me to the BEST yoga mat EVER, known as The Mat.

This is most likely TMI, but I have very sweaty hands and feet. Even in a beginner roots yoga class, I need a towel covering my mat so I don't slip when I'm in a pose. For the longest time, I would not go deep into a pose because of this.

Honestly, having towels at both ends of the mat while in a flow class is THE most annoying thing ... and yoga is supposed to relax me. I thought I would be miserable forever, and would one day adjust, until I was introduced to this mat.

I used it for the first time last night. OMG. I did not slip AT all! I could go deep in my poses and not worry about towels moving out of place and such. True love!

Plus 1) it comes in pink :) and 2) it's padded, which was nice when I was on my knees!

If you have the money and the same sweaty problem, GET THIS MAT!!!

3) Tonight, as I mentioned before, is a close friend's birthday and after dinner we are going to 80's night for a bit.

I love going out on random work nights AND 80's night.

What a great way to celebrate a birthday, don't you think?

4) There is a new rule in my household, meals must be eaten at the dinner table.

For breakfast and dinner, I always eat in front of the t.v. This isn't a big deal with breakfast because I'm on a schedule, but for dinner ... I just eat and eat and eat.

For instance, last night I planned to have brussels and tempeh. Yea, that didn't happen. Insert mindless eating.

I think I associate relaxing with t.v. and eating. Not cool.

In an attempt to change this mentality, I will no longer allow myself to eat in front of the t.v., rather, I will use my dinner table for something other than holding my work bag and purse.

My first meal at the table was actually kind of nice. I was free to think about things and get my mind in order. Actually, I really enjoyed it!

5) After the half marathon, I am starting Bikram and am going paleo.

Major changes, I know.

My body is exhausted from the long distance running. I don't think I was cut out for it. So to give my hips a rest, my daily morning workout will be Bikram. Plus, for new clients, they have a 30 day unlimited pass for $39. My butt WILL be taking advantage of that!

As for the paleo, throughout this whole training I've been fueling for runs and such ... but I'm tired of processed foods. I swear that processed foods make you want more processed foods. My body needs this.

Paleo is totally doable on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan too, so I'm not too concerned!

6) Sydney was almost famous.

Tuesday while Syd was a day camp, a new show called Common Law was being filmed there. When I went to pick her up, they were filming a scene!

Right as they were bringing Sydney to me, they stopped filming and some of the crew was coming to the front.

Well, little miss Sydney turned on her charm and was so playful and cute. They absolutely LOVED her and all stopped to play with her.

I was secretly thinking, 'offer her a role!!' But they didn't :( Still, I think they were tempted too!

Who wouldn't want to see this face on t.v.?!

So that's what's new in my life!

What is new in your life?

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