Thursday: Pedal, Pedal

I did manage to get up with my alarm this morning.  But since I pushed my alarm back 30 minutes, it is a hollow victory.  But 30 minutes later on purpose is better than 60 minutes later by accident I guess.

Thursday was REALLY uneventful.  I worked.  I biked to Walmart.  I Skyped with my friend (can't wait to see you!!!).  And I did manage to stay out of the kitchen and away from the snacks.

Bike: 6-ish miles.  HOLY HEADWIND on the way out.

Thursday Food:

Breakfast: Protein Bar and coffee

Snacks: peach, waffle with pb

Lunch: Leftover pizza

Dinner:  Chicken breast w/ranch for dipping, saffron rice and veggies

I had to hit up the Walmart once I realized I was going on two days without Allegra.  Anything more than two days and I am asking for a sinus infection.

Mark your calendars!  I said when we got to Arizona that I wanted to be able to ride my bike to my sisters house by the end of the year.  It is about 7 miles away with two rather daunting hills.  I am putting that on the calendar for right around Christmas.  If I am really ambitious, I will ride back as well.  Or I will have my BIL throw my bike in the back of his truck and drive me home.


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