Thursday Shoes – Spotlight on Elisa Camahort Page!

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This week’s Thursday shoe post features a special surprise.   To keep things fresh, I thought it might be fun to spotlight our very own BlogHer Co-founder and Events team leader… Elisa Camahort Page

I asked some tough questions, but Elisa stepped up to the challenge.  You’ll find our interview here along with the Events Team Thursday shoe shot of course.  And remember to share yours too using hashtag #BlogHerLovesShoes!  Or via tumblr: BlogHerLovesShoes.

MRA:  Roughly, how many pairs of shoes do you keep in your regularly-worn shoe pile, taking season into consideration?  These being the shoes you rotate each week.  

ECP: Maybe half a dozen?

MRA: If pressed to pick, which are your absolute *favorite* for work?  (And you may pick a winter pair and a summer pair)

ECP: I have a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction pumps that are two-tones of gray and have a wide elastic strap across the foot. They are chic but comfy, and have worn really well.

MRA: What inspires your footwear purchases?  Are you a spontaneous shoe-shopper browsing retail sites just because it's fun?  Do you find that you make selections based more on style or comfort or vice versa?

ECP: I've always loved shoes. I sold shoes in college, so I started collecting shoes then. After becoming a vegetarian I stopped buying leather, and I often said it was harder to give up leather shoes than eating meat. but over the last few years vegan fashion has definitely taken a leap forward! So, I'm always on the look-out for awesome vegan shoes. 

MRA: What is your relationship with heels?  And by heels I mean anything north of 3 inches.

ECP: Now that platform wedges are back in I am finding myself back in heels, and I really do like feeling a bit taller than my 5' 2" normally affords. I can't hack the stilettos, but I can rock a 4" wedge.

MRA: Do you ever find yourself visualizing or fantasizing about what you'll wear for the Thursday shoe shot a day or two (or even more) in advance?  Be honest!! :)

ECP: Um, no. I usually am in the car on the way to work saying "Crap, why didn't I remember to wear my new cheetah print wedge ankle booties!!"

MRA: I'd love for you to send me a picture of shoes you own (or would like to own) that are *YOU*.  Think of this as a shoemoticon. :)

ECP: This is a picture of a shoe not so different from about three other pairs I own, but I want them anyway.

Show us your shoes and tell us about your favorite shoes.


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