Thursday Top Ten

1. The Bike Protection Fairy. OH MY GOD, I can’t believe Frick’s bike was still at school after leaving it for the weekend.

2.#SITS31DBBB. Dude, we all know I need all the help I can get. Thank you for supporting my shenanigans.

3. Last games of the basketball season. I got super excited about not having to attend any kid sporting events for a month and then remembered that Frack is in a winter lacrosse league that starts on Saturday. FML

4. Netflix on my iPhone. I can now feed my TV addiction without waking up my hubby. Note to self: watching three movies in a row on a weeknight=exhaustion and bitchiness, which is bad for business. Moderation is key.

5. Living in DC. Most people never have a change to see DC and all its beauty. I get to see it on a random Monday.

6. Not leaving my couch on Sunday. Except to pee, ’cause, yeah…that’s necessary.

7. Mailing refinance paperwork. One more step down!

8. The business plan. I sat down and wrote a plan for the next year. I’ll save that for another post.

9. Patience. Good gracious, I’m so glad I have a patience button after some of the conference calls I’ve had this week. UGH!

10. Running. First run in over 6 months. It felt good, minus being dragged by the dog. Other than that, fantastic!


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